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Email with "FREE SAMPLE JOCK STRAP" in subject line and include the following information to receive your free sample used jock strap:

1. Name/Alias
2. Shipping Address
3. Do you prefer WHITE or BLACK color used jock strap?
4. Do you prefer SMALL or MEDIUM or LARGE size used jock strap?

We will ship your free sample used jock strap to you DISCREET in an envelope and the return address will say:

2025 Hamilton Ave
San Jose, CA 95125

Enjoy your free sample and we hope you will come back for more used jock straps!

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About Used Jocks For Sale
If you are looking for used jocks for sale, look no further than This is the original source for buying heavily used, well worn jockstraps. All of the jock straps sold on are guaranteed to have been well worn and used. From time to time, there will also be used boxer briefs for sale here on the website. For example, stained boxer briefs that were used as a rag.

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